Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Leg Workout

For leg day, the bread and butter lift is the squat. It is a compound lift that incorporates all of the muscles in the leg (quads, glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings). Therefore, the leg workout should focus around performing squats. I try to go up weight as high as I can, and when I can no longer do full squats, I begin to limit the range of motion. Then, I drop weight and do three working sets to failure with the heaviest weight I can handle and still make full squats with good form. In this manner, my body is used to the very heavy weight from the half and quarter squats, so, at this point, the weight feels very light on my shoulders. After squats, I do deadlifts--another great compound exercise. At that point, my legs are wobbly and I am ready to go home. I know a lot of people like to do leg extensions and leg curls, but I don't feel like they add a tremendous benefit after the compound exercises. Additionally, the machines limit your range of motion as compared to free weights. In detail, the workout looks like the below:

Set 1: 135lbs * 10 reps for full squat
Set 2: 225lbs * 10 reps for full squat
Set 3: 315lbs * 10 reps for full squat
Set 4: 405lbs * 5 reps for half squat
Set 5: 495lbs * 2 reps for quarter squat (basically just getting used to the weight)
Set 6: 315lbs * 12 reps for full squat to failure (after 495, the weight feels very light)
Set 7: 315lbs * 10 reps for full squat to failure
Set 8: 315lbs * 8 reps for full squat to failure

Set 1: 225lbs * 10 reps
Set 2: 275lbs * 10 reps to failure
Set 3: 315lbs * 4 reps to failure

If you want to try this workout for your leg day, simply adjust the weight to what is relatively heavy for you. Also, don't forget to practice good form--squats and deadlifts are the easiest way to injury your back or knees if you don't do them correctly.

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Israel said...

damn, thats a strong workout. good stuff.