Monday, July 30, 2007

My Workout Routine

Well I'm back for my vacation. I am definitely excited to get back into the gym. I thought I'd share with you my current workout regimen including both weights and cardiovascular exercises. My goals are very diverse as I want to run as fast as possible including both sprints, distance, and everything in between, as well as lift as much as possible--that way I'll be ready for anything. I workout twice a day during the week, and once a day on weekends. I try to make sure I am completely recovered from workout #1 before attempting workout #2. In subsequent blogs, I'll delve into specific exercises. But, for now, below is the high level view:


Workout1: Legs
Workout2: 4 Miles Easy Pace


Workout1: Chest
Workout2: Jump Rope: 2,000 jumps


Workout1: Back
Workout2: 5K Tempo Run @ 10K Pace


Workout1: Shoulders
Workout2: 4 Miles Easy Pace


Workout1: Arms
Workout2: 8 * 400 meters


Workout1: 4 Miles Easy Pace


Workout1: 10-12 Miles Easy Pace